Property Valuers : How will property sales tax be paid in 2022?

The State Tax Service reports that real estate owners do not have to pay tax when selling one object . However, if two or more properties are sold, each property is taxed at a rate of 5%.

Some changes have been made to the Tax Code of Ukraine, according to which now a tax at a rate of 18% is mandatory on the income of individuals, which is imposed on every third and subsequent objects during the sale. At the same time, today the National Bank proposes to abolish the payment of tax on long-term deposits, which will attract more depositors and provide them with loyal conditions. This tax has been in force in Ukraine since 2014, and was aimed at replenishing the state budget. It also included a military tax of 1.5%. According to the forecasts of real estate market experts and financial analysts, the tax on the sale of real estate may increase in 2022 and reach 21%. This will affect the category of housing that exceeds the specified standards.

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